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Annual Reports

Annual Reports

Each year the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System sets goals and objectives to help students reach their full potential. The goals and objectives are driven by state and federal mandates, feedback from the community, and research-proven methods that have helped other school districts become successful. CMCSS school board members, school system leaders, and all school employees are committed to student achievement and helping CMCSS become an exemplary school district.


Goals and Strategic Work, 2017-2018

Mid Year Review, 2017-2018


Goals and Strategic Work, 2016-2017

Mid Year Review, 2016-2017

End of Year Review, 2016-2017

State Report Card, 2016-2017


Goals and Strategic Work, 2015-2016

Mid Year Review, 2015-2016

End of Year Review, 2015-2016


Goals and Strategic Work, 2014-2015

Mid Year Review, 2014-2015

End of Year Review, 2014-2015


Goals and Strategic Work, 2013-2014

Mid-Year Review, 2013-2014

End of Year Review, 2013-2014


Goals and Strategic Work, 2012-2013

Mid-Year Review, 2012-2013

End of Year Review, 2012-2013

State Report Card