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Master Document List

Child Nutrition Department

 Child Nutrition (CHN)CHN
 CHN-A001 Child Nutrition 01/09/2017
 CHN-A002 Free and Reduced Price Food Service 08/10/2004
 CHN-F003 Pre-K or Kindergartener with Siblings Receiving Free/Reduced Meal Benefits 04/10/2015
 CHN-F004 Employment Reference Request Non-Confidential 11/26/2013
 CHN-F007 Vendor Complaint Form - Child Nutrition (fillable) 07/06/2017
 CHN-F012 (fillable) Employee Progressive Discipline 03/07/2018
 CHN-F017 Medical Statement for Children Without Disabilities Requesting Special Needs in School Nutrition Programs 10/07/2016
 CHN-F018 Uniform and Safety Shoes Agreement - Child Nutrition 11/16/2009
 CHN-F019 Promotion Planner Worksheet 04/17/2012
 CHN-F021 Production Record Template 05/29/2012
 CHN-F022 Labor Studies Form 05/29/2012
 CHN-F023 Meals Per Labor Hour (MPLH) 05/29/2012
 CHN-F024 Yearly Cumulative Revenue/Expenditures Breakdown 05/29/2012
 CHN-F025 Monthly Cumulative Revenue/Expenditures Breakdown 05/29/2012
 CHN-F026 Refund on Student Account Request 02/21/2017
 CHN-F027 Universal Breakfast Opt Out Form 08/03/2017
 CHN-F028 Catering Request 11/02/2015
 CHN-F029 Catering Cost 2012-2013 01/30/2013
 CHN-F030 Additional Income Worksheet 02/04/2013
 CHN-F031 Office Supplies Request 01/28/2015
 CHN-F032 Health Inspection Corrective Action Form 03/18/2013
 CHN-F033 Food Service Work Order 08/08/2014
 CHN-F034 Incomplete Application Notice 04/22/2013
 CHN-F035 Warehouse Refrigerator/Freezer Temperature Record 06/06/2013
 CHN-F036 Confidentiality Form 07/31/2013
 CHN-F037 Cafeteria Appraisal 10/10/2013
 CHN-F038 Employee Absentee Record 01/27/2014
 CHN-F039 Employee Training Record 01/27/2014
 CHN-F040 Field Trip Lunch Requests 01/27/2014
 CHN-F041 Sack Lunch Request Roster 01/27/2014
 CHN-F042 Work Schedule Template 01/27/2014
 CHN-F043 Equipment Manager Work Order 08/26/2014
 CHN-F046 Child Nutrition Operations-Performance Evaluation Form 08/08/2016
 CHN-M001 Child Nutrition Employee Handbook 12/13/2017
 CHN-P001 Free & Reduced Meals 06/03/2014
 CHN-P002 Food/Non-Food Bid 07/21/2015
 CHN-P003 Child Nutrition Budget Development Procedure 05/29/2012
 CHN-P004 Child Nutrition Accounts Payable 02/05/2009
 CHN-P005 Student and Adult Meal Charge 12/13/2017
 CHN-P006 Verification of Eligibility 06/03/2014
 CHN-P007 Universal Breakfast Procedure 01/05/2018
 CHN-SOP HACCP Based Food Safety Program 03/26/2015
 CHN-V001 Vendor Information Packet/Child Nutrition 02/02/2018
 CHN-W001 Paying Child Nutrition "Weekly" Invoices Work Instructions 01/25/2013
 CHN-W002 Child Nutrition Warehouse Transfers Work Instructions 02/18/2013
 CHN-W003 Child Nutrition Stock Transfer Work Instructions 02/18/2013
 CHN-W004 Order Processing 02/18/2013
 CHN-W006 School Kitchen Staff Work Instructions 07/27/2009
 CHN-W007 Child Nutrition Standard Operating Procedures (with parent letter) 08/08/2016
 CHN-W008 Custodial and Cafeteria Responsibilities 01/05/2018
 external link Food Safety Checklist 01/01/2005
 external link Child Nutrition Programs  
 external link Application for Free or Reduced Meals  
 external link Income Eligibility Guidelines 03/28/2013