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Master Document List

Human Resources Department

 Benefits (BEN)BEN
 BEN-A001 Release of Private Health Information to Board of Education Attorney 02/03/2004
 BEN-A002 Retiree Payment of Monthly Premiums 10/29/2007
 BEN-A003 Retiree ACH Withdrawal of Monthly Premiums 07/07/2014
 BEN-F001 Authorization Agreement for ACH Debits 06/17/2015
 BEN-F002 Declination 03/18/2014
 BEN-F004 Retirement Insurance Payment Sheet 01/21/2013
 BEN-F005 Request to Cancel Insurance Blue Cross Blue Shield 12/08/2017
 BEN-F006 Request to Delete Dependents Med & Dent. Pol. 12/08/2017
 BEN-F007 Check Request for Benefits Connection 04/03/2013
 BEN-F008 Negative Supplement (Refund)  
 BEN-F009 403(b) Termination Request 02/27/2015
 BEN-F010 Supplement 05/08/2013
 BEN-F011 Retirement 05/08/2013
 BEN-F012 Change in 403(B) Contribution 07/26/2012
 BEN-F015 LOA Payment Sheet 01/29/2015
 BEN-F029 Flexible Benefits Plan Section 125 Election Form 07/16/2013
 BEN-F032 Retirement Insurance Benefit Effective 9/1/2018 07/11/2017
 BEN-F033 CMCSS Retiree Life Insurance Policy 09/20/2012
 BEN-F034 Certified Staff Benefits Processing Information Checklist 10/25/2017
 BEN-F034a Classified Staff Benefits Processing Information Checklist 10/25/2017
 BEN-F035 Request to Cancel Dependent Care Spending Account 03/20/2015
 BEN-F036 Request to Cancel Medical Flexible Spending Account 04/21/2015
 BEN-F042 Supplemental Voluntary Life Insurance Cancellation Request 07/26/2012
 BEN-F044 Payroll Deduction Authorization re On-Site Healthcare 09/19/2017
 BEN-F045 DCAP Change June Payroll 04/30/2015
 BEN-F046 DCAP Change September Payroll 04/30/2015
 BEN-F047 Deposit for Payroll Deductions 05/22/2017
 BEN-F049 Retirement Information Checklist 07/06/2017
 BEN-F050 Sick Leave Bank Enrollment Form 07/16/2013
 BEN-F051 Sick Leave Bank Acknowledgement Memorandum 03/13/2014
 BEN-F052 Sick Leave Bank Request For Days 10/23/2014
 BEN-F053 Sick Leave Bank Medical Certification Form 04/11/2017
 BEN-F054 Sick Leave Bank Approval Memorandum 05/29/2012
 BEN-F055 Termination-Benefits Info 10/13/2017
 BEN-F056 Transfer-Ineligible for Benefits 03/19/2013
 BEN-F057 Request for FMLA Acknowledgement Letter 01/30/2015
 BEN-F058 Request for Leave-Advanced Educational Study Acknowledgement Letter 03/19/2013
 BEN-F059 Benefits Refund Request 02/19/2013
 BEN-F060 Med FSA Termination Letter 04/30/2015
 BEN-F061 Retiree ACH Delinquent (1st Occurrence) 01/22/2014
 BEN-F061A Retiree ACH Delinquent (2nd Occurrence) 01/22/2014
 BEN-F062 Retirement – Benefits Info 06/15/2015
 BEN-F063 BCBS Retiree Cancellation Letter  
 BEN-F064 Retiree Subscriber Medicare Eligible  
 BEN-F065 Retiree Medicare Eligible  
 BEN-F066 Retiree Delinquent Payment 11/18/2013
 BEN-F067 Colonial Check Request 02/05/2014
 BEN-F068 Benefit Termination Letter for Retirees 10/25/2017
 BEN-F069 Benefit Termination Letter 10/25/2017
 BEN-F070 Fit Trim Payroll Deduction 10/23/2014
 BEN-F071 Notice to Retirees - Monthly Premium Payments 12/11/2014
 BEN-F072 Retiree ACH Delinquent Payment 12/18/2014
 BEN-F073 Request to Cancel Colonial Supplemental 11/03/2016
 BEN-F074 Affidavit of Eligible Dependent Child Status 10/03/2017
 BEN-G001 HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 10/30/2015
 BEN-P001 Benefits Enrollment 06/21/2017
 BEN-P002 Benefits Termination 10/05/2016
 BEN-P003 Privacy Notice 10/26/2015
 BEN-P004 Employee Retirement 10/03/2017
 BEN-P005 Retiree Benefit Changes 02/08/2012
 BEN-P008 CMCE Insurance Trust Meeting 01/17/2018
 BEN-P016 Recording Deposit Transmittals for Checks From Employees, Retirees and Insurance Cos. 04/19/2017
 BEN-P017 Insurance Statement Reconciliation and Payment 06/21/2017
 BEN-P018 403(b) Enrollment and Payment Procedure 02/01/2017
 BEN-P021 Payment of Administrative Fees for MedFSA and DCAP 02/01/2017
 BEN-P022 Payments for MedFSA/DCAP Account Claims 02/17/2016
 BEN-P023 Adverse Blue Cross Blue Shield Benefit Appeal Procedure 02/08/2017
 BEN-P024 Terminating Benefits of CMCSS Employees 05/30/2016
 BEN-P025 Retiree Payment of Monthly Premiums Procedure 03/20/2015
 BEN-P026 Sick Leave Bank Enrollment Procedure with Exhibit B 01/22/2018
 BEN-P027 Request For Days From the Sick Leave Bank Procedure 06/08/2016
 BEN-P028 Probationary Credit for TCRS 08/15/2017
 BEN-W001 Documenting a Cash/Check/or Money Order Payment from a Retiree 08/15/2017
 BEN-W003 Name Change for Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN 05/04/2016
 BEN-W004 Completing Retirement Paperwork 05/13/2016
 external link TCRS Membership Form  
 external link BCBS Add Dependent/Change Request Form  
 external link COBRA Coverage Continuation Notice Form  
 external link Blue Cross Blue Shield Employee Enrollment/Waiver  
 HUM- BEN EXTERNAL Human Resources - Benefits - External Documents List 03/17/2015

 Certified Staff (CER)CER
 CER-F003 Certified Professional Reference Request 04/24/2012
 CER-F007 Salary Advancement Request 07/02/2013
 CER-F010 In-Processing Acknowledgment Statement 04/06/2018
 CER-F011 Acceptance Letter 02/25/2013
 CER-F013 Supplemental Homebound  
 CER-F014 Record of Teaching Experience/Military Experience 09/10/2013
 CER-F015 New Teacher Letter 05/05/2015
 CER-F016 Acceptance of Sick Leave 03/03/2017
 CER-F016a Withdraw of Sick Leave 03/03/2017
 CER-F019 ESL Applicant Language Screening Form 06/26/2014
 CER-F020 Contract for New Employee Sign-On Bonus 06/26/2014
 CER-F021 Teacher Observation Report for HQ Status 10/23/2012
 CER-F022 Checklist for Certified Employees 08/15/2013
 CER-F023 Checklist for Coaches 11/27/2017
 CER-F025 Salary Change Based on Education Level for Certified Teachers 12/07/2015
 CER-F025a Salary Change Based on Education Level for Administrators 12/07/2015
 CER-F026 Temporary Teacher Postition Form 08/21/2015
 CER-F027 Certified Staff Suspension Form 03/14/2018
 CER-G001 ESL English Fluency Rubric 07/24/2014
 CER-P001 Certified Staff Application 08/14/2017
 CER-P002 Student Discount Request Procedure 02/16/2018
 CER-P004 Hiring ESL Teachers Working with English Learners 07/24/2014
 CER-P005 School Year Preparation Days 05/26/2017
 CER-P007 Salary Change Request Based on Education Level for Certified Teachers 12/14/2015
 CER-P008 Career Ladder Program 08/06/2013
 CER-P009 Salary Change Request Based on Education Level for Administrators 01/06/2016
 CER-W003 In Processing New Teachers 03/20/2018
 HE0007 Public Higher Education Fee Discount Form (external link) 08/08/2017
 HUM-A077 Salary Changes Based on Education Level for Administrators 11/27/2017

 Classified Staff (CLS)CLS
 CLS-F003 CMCSS Evaluation Form For Classified Staff 12/13/2006
 CLS-F004 Classified Employment Reference Request 11/26/2013
 CLS-F006 Admin Asst & Office Asst Applicant Scoring 08/09/2013
 CLS-F012a ParaProfessional Study Guide Log 01/28/2014
 CLS-F012b ParaProfessional Study Guide Acknowledgement 01/28/2014
 CLS-F013 Performance Evaluation: Cafeteria Assistant 07/17/2013
 CLS-F014 Performance Evaluation: Cafeteria Manager 07/22/2013
 CLS-F017 Summer Salary Distribution Option 09/11/2013
 CLS-F019 Verification of Prior Job Experience 04/06/2016
 CLS-F019a Classified New Hire Prior Experience/Education Request 10/06/2016
 CLS-F020 Maintenance/Transportation/Warehouse Performance Evaluation Form  
 CLS-F021 Cafeteria Monitor/Educational/Media Assistant Performance Evaluation Form 10/23/2012
 CLS-F022 Classified Staff Grievance Form - please see HUM-F061  
 CLS-F025 In-Processing Acknowledgment Statement Classified Employees 04/22/2015
 CLS-F026 New Employee Correspondense re: Step Increase 11/18/2013
 CLS-F027 To Process Substitute Bus Aides 04/22/2015
 CLS-F028 To Process Substitute Bus Drivers 06/29/2017
 CLS-F030 Accepting Employment as Educational Assistants Memorandum  
 CLS-F032 To Process Substitute School Nurses 10/02/2014
 CLS-F034 School Nurse Performance Evaluation and Clinic Audit Form 10/26/2015
 CLS-F035 Accounting Associate & Bookkeeper Applicant Scoring 08/09/2013
 CLS-F036 School Nurse Applicant Scoring 10/24/2014
 CLS-F037 CMCSS Applicant Scoring System for Technology Positions 01/28/2010
 CLS-F038 Request for Sub Status 06/11/2015
 CLS-F039 Employee Uniform Receipt 12/16/2013
 CLS-F040 OPAC Testing Sign In 09/19/2012
 CLS-F041 ParaProfessional Study Guide Check Out Sheet 08/05/2014
 CLS-F042 CAN Performance Evaluation 01/16/2013
 CLS-F043 Daymar Federal Work Study Students – In-Processing Checklist 09/26/2014
 CLS-F044 OPAC Clerical Letter 05/31/2016
 CLS-F045 OPAC Bookkeeping Letter 05/31/2016
 CLS-F046 OPAC Windows 7 05/13/2013
 CLS-F047 Custodial Applicants Required Documents Requested 05/31/2013
 CLS-F048 Memorandum of Understanding 05/31/2013
 CLS-F049 New Hire Welcome Letter 08/13/2013
 CLS-F050 Process PRN Staff at the On-Site Employee Health and Wellness 10/13/2016
 CLS-F051 Cafeteria Manager Trainee Evaluation 05/12/2014
 CLS-F052 In-Processing Acknowledgment Statement Sub Program Employee Moving to Permanent Classified 07/30/2014
 CLS-F053 Process Adult Education Sub Teacher 01/14/2015
 CLS-F054 Process Adult Literacy Staff 01/26/2015
 CLS-F055 Process Contractor Transitioning to Classified Staff 10/08/2015
 CLS-F056 In-Processing Acknowledgment Statement Classified Employees 04/22/2015
 CLS-F056 To Process Contract/Temp Staff 04/07/2015
 CLS-F057 Temporary Classified Position Form 11/01/2016
 CLS-F058 Classified Employee Review Period Paid Time Off Request 02/09/2018
 CLS-F059 Withdrawal of Sick Leave for Classified Staff 09/26/2017
 CLS-F060 Classified Staff Suspension Form 09/26/2017
 CLS-G001 How to Recommend a Classified Employee Transfer (Internal Employee Transfers) 01/16/2017
 CLS-G002 Classified Application Process - Frequently Asked Questions 08/15/2017
 CLS-P001 Classified Staff Application 09/15/2017
 CLS-P003 ParaProfessional Testing 09/15/2017
 CLS-P008 OPAC Testing Procedure for Classified Positions 09/15/2017
 CLS-W001 Resignation/Retirement of Classified Employee Work Instruction 12/06/2017
 CLS-W002 Job Class Code for Classified Staff Work Instruction 12/06/2017
 CLS-W003 Recommendation for Employment for Transfer of Classified Staff 12/06/2017
 CLS-W004 Recommendation for Employment New Hire of Classified Staff 12/06/2017

 Coordinated School Health (CSH)CSH
 CSH-A001 Local School Wellness Policy 08/07/2017
 CSH-F001 Health Screening Form 08/03/2017
 CSH-F002 PAPE Quarterly Report Form (fillable) 08/09/2017
 CSH-F003 Fitness Center - Employee Wellness Program Activity Application 03/31/2015
 CSH-F004 Wellness Screening Permission Slip 05/24/2016
 CSH-F005 2016-2017 Health Screening Guidelines 05/18/2016
 CSH-F007 CMCSS Wellness Policy Assessment Tool 07/26/2017
 CSH-G001 Local School Wellness Guide 07/26/2017

 Health (HEA)HEA
 external link 2017 Recommended Immunizations for Children from Birth Through 6 years old (Spanish) 12/01/2016
 external link 2017 Recommended Immunizations for Children from Birth Through 6 years old 02/11/2015
 external link 2017 Recommended Immunizations for Children from 7 through 18 years old 02/11/2015
 external link Concussion Signs and Symptoms Checklist 01/09/2017
 external link 2017 Recommended Immunizations for Children from 7 through 18 years old (Spanish) 01/01/2014
 HEA-A001 Communicable Diseases 04/16/2018
 HEA-A002 Emergency First Aid "Go Kit" 03/14/2016
 HEA-A005 Medication Storage 07/27/2015
 HEA-A006 Medications Disposal 06/09/2014
 HEA-A007 Emergency Medication Administration 05/09/2016
 HEA-A009 Use of Automated External Defibrillators 02/21/2011
 HEA-A010 Admission Requirements 05/14/2018
 HEA-A011 Medication Administration 07/27/2015
 HEA-A012 Emergency Anti-Seizure Medication Administration 01/23/2017
 HEA-A013 Individualized Healthcare Plan (IHP) Guidelines 03/14/2016
 HEA-A014 Buildings Under Heightened Risk for Infection 09/28/2015
 HEA-F006 Communicable Disease Notification 06/18/2013
 HEA-F007 Notice to Parents-Head Lice 03/29/2018
 HEA-F013 Medication Reminder 03/28/2012
 HEA-F015 Immunization and Physical Examination 03/04/2016
 HEA-F017 Nurses Notes 03/30/2017
 HEA-F020 Health Services Mass Vision Screening Recording Form 04/06/2011
 HEA-F024 Health Services Student Medication Record 04/10/2018
 HEA-F028 Mass Hearing Screening Recording 04/06/2011
 HEA-F036 Asthma Individual Health Care Plan Packet 03/29/2018
 HEA-F037 Clinic Referral 02/15/2016
 HEA-F037A Nurse Report to Teacher 06/18/2013
 HEA-F038 Severe Allergy Individual Health Care Plan Packet 04/24/2018
 HEA-F040 Parent/Guardian Notification (Medication, Minor Injury, Clinic Visit and Supplies) 03/29/2018
 HEA-F042 Diabetes Individual Healthcare Plan 04/05/2012
 HEA-F042 Packet Diabetes Individual Health Care Plan Packet 05/12/2017
 HEA-F044 Diabetes Record 06/19/2013
 HEA-F045 Physicians Orders for Feeding 06/19/2013
 HEA-F046 Mass Hearing and Vision Referrals 08/08/2016
 HEA-F047 Vision Referral 07/07/2016
 HEA-F048 Parent/Guardian Input Feeding Tube Management 06/19/2013
 HEA-F049 Parent/Guardian Input Tracheostomy Management 06/19/2013
 HEA-F050 Hearing Referral Form 07/07/2016
 HEA-F051 Physicians Orders for Tracheostomy Care 06/19/2013
 HEA-F052 Authorization for Use or Disclosure of Health Information to and from School Districts 04/06/2011
 HEA-F062 Authorization for Medication to be Taken During School Hours 03/22/2018
 HEA-F063 Seizure Record 06/19/2013
 HEA-F065 Annual Influenza Consent Form 09/25/2017
 HEA-F066 Tube Feeding Flow Sheet 01/23/2018
 HEA-F070 Physicians Order Form for Oxygen Administration 06/19/2013
 HEA-F072 Physicians Order Form for Machine Suctioning 06/19/2013
 HEA-F073 Suctioning Schedule 04/16/2012
 HEA-F074 Physicians Order Form for Catheterization 06/19/2013
 HEA-F076 Physicians Orders for Colostomy/Ileostomy Care 06/19/2013
 HEA-F077 Student Instruction Form Changing Colostomy/ Ileostomy Bag 04/06/2011
 HEA-F078 packet Seizure Individual Health Care Plan (with associated documents) 03/11/2016
 HEA-F080 Medication Incident Report 01/23/2018
 HEA-F081 Medication Count 03/23/2012
 HEA-F084 Report of Administration of Diastat 02/10/2011
 HEA-F085 Invalid Emergency Phone Numbers 05/01/2012
 HEA-F086 Confidentiality Statement 09/17/2015
 HEA-F089 Medication Expiration Notice 03/21/2012
 HEA-F090 AED Incident Report 05/01/2012
 HEA-F091 Monthly AED Log 05/01/2012
 HEA-F092 Request for Exemptions from Immunizations 08/29/2017
 HEA-F093 Notification of Parent-Administered Medication Outside of School Hours 05/10/2013
 HEA-F094 Medication Administration Skills Checklist 03/30/2017
 HEA-F094A Medication Administration Skills Checklist – Diabetes and Glucagon 03/30/2017
 HEA-F094B Medication Administration Skills Checklist – Seizures and Diastat 03/30/2017
 HEA-F094c Medication Administration Skills Checklist - Emergency Medications 03/30/2017
 HEA-F095 Notice to Parents - Bed Bugs 10/13/2016
 HEA-F096 Bed Bug Inspection Report 10/13/2016
 HEA-F097 Emergency Medication on School Buses 02/08/2018
 HEA-F098 Daily Medication/Procedure Listing 07/24/2014
 HEA-F099 PRN Medication Listing 07/24/2014
 HEA-F100 Medication Refrigeration Temperature Log 07/07/2016
 HEA-F101 Emergency Go-Kit Supply List 02/12/2016
 HEA-F102 School Nurse Monthly Totals 06/09/2016
 HEA-F103 Substitute Nurse Folder Checklist 07/24/2013
 HEA-F104 Substitute Nurse Employment Checklist 01/08/2016
 HEA-F105 Substitute Nurse Information Sheet 07/24/2013
 HEA-F106 School Nurse Diabetic Assessment 07/29/2013
 HEA-F107 Student Health Assessment 04/04/2018
 HEA-F108 School Nurse Assessment Tool 08/13/2014
 HEA-F109 Competency for School Nurses Acknowledgement Form 07/07/2016
 HEA-F110 Substitute School Nurse Agreement 01/07/2016
 HEA-F111 School Nurse Competency Checklist 06/02/2014
 HEA-F112 Health Services Parent Letter 03/04/2016
 HEA-F113 Substitute Nurse Probationary Status and Review Period 03/08/2016
 HEA-F114 Blood Pressure Referral 07/07/2016
 HEA-F115 Individual Health Plan 09/19/2017
 HEA-F116 Adrenal Insufficiency Skills Checklist 01/02/2018
 HEA-F117 Naloxone Administration Record 03/16/2018
 HEA-F118 Health Services Parent Letter 04/18/2018
 HEA-G001 Bed Bug Management 10/13/2016
 HEA-G002 Bed Bug Information 02/07/2012
 HEA-G003 Glucagon Medication Administration Guidelines 03/21/2012
 HEA-G009 Asthma Medication Administration Guidelines 05/22/2012
 HEA-G010 School Nurse Monthly Responsibilities 06/30/2016
 HEA-G011 Substitute Nurse Responsibilities 02/15/2016
 HEA-G012 Anaphylaxis Protocol 09/10/2013
 HEA-G013 Hand Washing Guidelines 02/10/2014
 HEA-G014 Concussion Guide 03/24/2014
 HEA-G015 Guidelines for Referral to Health Clinic 07/23/2014
 HEA-G016 Head Lice Management Guide 03/29/2018
 HEA-M001 Health Services Policy and Procedure Manual 12/20/2016
 HEA-P001 Communicable Diseases 07/28/2015
 HEA-P002 Medication Administration 06/24/2014
 HEA-P003 Emergency Anti-Seizure Medication Administration Procedure 09/13/2012
 HEA-P004 AED Response 09/14/2012
 HEA-P005 Insulin Administration Procedure 09/14/2012
 HEA-P006 Influenza Vaccine Administration Procedure 09/14/2012
 HEA-P007 Field Trip Medication 06/02/2014
 HEA-P009 Adrenal Insufficiency 01/04/2018
 HEA-P010 Narcan Procedure 03/16/2018

 Human Resources (HUM)HUM
 external link Certification of Health Care Provider for Family Member’s Serious Health Condition (FMLA) 01/01/2009
 external link Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee’s Serious Health Condition (FMLA) 01/01/2009
 external link Separation Notice 09/01/2013
 HUM-A001 Employment Classifications 05/15/2017
 HUM-A003 Personnel File 09/26/2016
 HUM-A004 Background Investigations 09/28/2015
 HUM-A005 Health Examinations 02/25/2013
 HUM-A006 Legal Leave(s) of Absence 08/28/2017
 HUM-A007 Advance Pay 05/31/2016
 HUM-A008 Hiring Administrators and Supervisors 10/18/2004
 HUM-A009 Reporting Suspected Child Abuse 10/02/2017
 HUM-A010 Accommodating Department of Children's Services (DCS) Investigations 05/30/2017
 HUM-A011 Work Related Injuries/Illnesses 11/27/2017
 HUM-A012 School System Safety 11/27/2017
 HUM-A013 Staff Gifts and Solicitations 12/15/2014
 HUM-A014 Holidays 01/13/2014
 HUM-A015 Teaching Assignment 10/30/2017
 HUM-A016 Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) 02/22/2016
 HUM-A017 Leave for Advance Educational Study 07/31/2017
 HUM-A018 Certifed Staff Orientation 05/31/2016
 HUM-A021 Leave Due to Inclement Weather and Other Emergencies 11/07/2017
 HUM-A022 Retirement of Employees 03/04/2013
 HUM-A023 Professional Staff Probation and Tenure 01/13/2014
 HUM-A024 Military Service Leave 04/08/2013
 HUM-A025 Resignation of Instructional Personnel 05/28/2009
 HUM-A026 Certification 04/18/2015
 HUM-A027 Professional Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans 04/18/2016
 HUM-A028 Use of Tobacco Products and/or Electronic Cigarettes on School Premises 05/31/2016
 HUM-A029 Sick Leave 07/01/2017
 HUM-A030 Release of School Personnel or Students Due to Death of Employee or Student 11/07/2017
 HUM-A031 Maternity/Parental Leave 10/17/2016
 HUM-A032 Vacations 08/28/2017
 HUM-A033 Other Leaves of Absence 08/07/2017
 HUM-A034 School District Communication System Usage 10/17/2016
 HUM-A036 Evaluation of Professional Staff 04/03/2014
 HUM-A037 Personal Leave 07/01/2016
 HUM-A038 Supervision of Students 02/08/2010
 HUM-A039 Nepotism 10/17/2016
 HUM-A040 Extra Duty 07/01/2017
 HUM-A041 Staffing 08/28/2017
 HUM-A042 Personal On Site Visits by Relatives and Friends 08/29/2005
 HUM-A043 Testing, Training, and Tuition Reimbursement 04/17/2017
 HUM-A044 Evaluation of Classified Staff 08/28/2017
 HUM-A046 Employee Compensation Plan 07/17/2017
 HUM-A047 Sexual Harassment 01/15/2018
 HUM-A049 Classified Staff At-Will Employment 07/18/2011
 HUM-A051 Employee Grievance 07/01/2017
 HUM-A052 Progressive Discipline 07/01/2017
 HUM-A053 Adverse Blue Cross and Blue Shield Benefit Appeal 11/29/2010
 HUM-A054 Funding of Contracted Staff by Outside Agencies 03/04/2013
 HUM-A055 Sex Offenders 01/15/2018
 HUM-A057 Compensation for "Off the Clock Work" 02/21/2011
 HUM-A058 Transfers 02/19/2018
 HUM-A059 Employee Perquisites 07/01/2015
 HUM-A060 Classified Employee Review Period 07/31/2017
 HUM-A061 Bereavement Leave Policy 07/24/2013
 HUM-A062 School Year Preparation Day Stipend 07/01/2015
 HUM-A063 Employee Dress Code 07/24/2013
 HUM-A064 Salary Changes Based on Education Level for Certified Teachers 12/14/2015
 HUM-A066 Discipline Conference Policy 05/28/2015
 HUM-A067 Annual Employee Training 12/11/2017
 HUM-A068 Review and Release of Video Surveillance 09/22/2014
 HUM-A069 Conflict of Interest 11/09/2015
 HUM-A070 Classified Employee Compensation for Events and Travel Time Outside of Scheduled Work Hours 12/15/2014
 HUM-A071 Certified Employee Relocation Incentive 07/31/2017
 HUM-A072 Transporting Students with Personal Vehicle 12/11/2017
 HUM-A076 Substitute Employment Policy 12/07/2015
 HUM-A078 Leave for Vendor Endorsement 04/24/2017
 HUM-A079 Professional Leave to Serve 05/09/2016
 HUM-A080 Reporting Arrests 05/09/2016
 HUM-A081 Workplace Violence 05/09/2016
 HUM-A082 Break Time to Express Breast Milk 07/18/2016
 HUM-A083 Determining Administrator Salaries 11/07/2016
 HUM-A084 Non-Discrimination 11/07/2017
 HUM-A085 Overtime/Compensatory Time 02/27/2017
 HUM-A086 Employee Work Product Material 04/23/2018
 HUM-F003 Recommendation for Employment 10/14/2013
 HUM-F004 Request for Transfer - Certificated Personnel 10/18/2012
 HUM-F005 Request for Transfer - Classified Staff Personnel (pdf fillable) 02/19/2018
 HUM-F006 Contact Report 08/15/2013
 HUM-F007 Employee Record Card  
 HUM-F008 Classified Staff Check Off Sheet For Processing a New Employee 01/26/2015
 HUM-F009 Application Check List  
 HUM-F010 Custodian-Maintenance Criteria Sheet  
 HUM-F011 Instructional Personnel Criteria Sheet  
 HUM-F012 Comprehensive Assessment--Summative Report  
 HUM-F013 Comprehensive Assessment--Planning Information Record  
 HUM-F014 Developmental Plan 12/07/2016
 HUM-F014(fillable) Development Plan (fillable) 12/07/2016
 HUM-F015 Leave of Absence/Family Medical Leave Act 02/22/2016
 HUM-F016 Request for Leave of Absence/ FMLA Form 02/22/2016
 HUM-F017 Direct Deposit of Paychecks Statement 09/25/2003
 HUM-F022 Request for Vacation  
 HUM-F023 Sick Leave Report  
 HUM-F028 Employee Discrimination Complaint Form 04/25/2017
 HUM-F029 Technology Competency-Summative Report  
 HUM-F030 Resignation 03/19/2018
 HUM-F031 Extension for Leave of Absence/FMLA Form 07/28/2015
 HUM-F032 Vacancy  
 HUM-F033 Disposition of Unused Personal Leave 06/21/2017
 HUM-F034 Fingerprint Form 02/09/2018
 HUM-F034 (fillable) Fingerprint Form 02/09/2018
 HUM-F034a Fingerprint Form (Substitutes, Bus Drivers, and Bus Aides) 01/11/2018
 HUM-F036 Sexual Harassment Report 07/08/2014
 HUM-F037 Investigative Report Regarding Sexual Harassment Complaint by Student 07/07/2014
 HUM-F038 Report of Investigation of Sexual Harassment Complaint by Employee 07/07/2014
 HUM-F042 Job Description Template  
 HUM-F042a Administrative Employees Job Description Template  
 HUM-F043a Results of Physical Examination for Pre-School Teachers & Ed. Assistants 09/19/2017
 HUM-F047 Personal Data Form 12/18/2014
 HUM-F048 Department of Childrens Services (DCS) Intake Report Faxed or Online Referral 01/31/2018
 HUM-F050 Department of Children's Services (DCS) Referral 01/31/2018
 HUM-F051 Preschool Education Assistant 07/24/2013
 HUM-F053 Corrective Action Plan (fillable) 12/07/2016
 HUM-F054 Corrective Action Plan Update (fillable) 12/07/2016
 HUM-F055 Pre-Employment DCS Verification Sheet 07/08/2014
 HUM-F057 Contract for Testing, Training and Tuition Reimbursement 02/21/2018
 HUM-F058 Application for Employment: Supplemental Coaching 02/10/2011
 HUM-F059 Reporting "Off the Clock" Work Acknowledgement Form 11/09/2009
 HUM-F060 Employee Health Certification 01/12/2010
 HUM-F061 Employee Grievance Form 02/10/2017
 HUM-F062 Administrator Position Application Received Template 05/19/2012
 HUM-F063 Administrator Position Interview Schedule Template 05/19/2012
 HUM-F064 Teacher/Principal Evaluation Grievance Form 06/06/2012
 HUM-F065 Pre-Employment Highly Qualified Status and Background Verification 09/17/2013
 HUM-F066 Cash/Check Received Form 05/21/2015
 HUM-F067 ADA Accommodation Medical Certification 07/12/2016
 HUM-F068 Visa Card Check Out Sheet 09/24/2012
 HUM-F069 HS Supplements Template 01/15/2013
 HUM-F069a MS Supplements Template 01/15/2013
 HUM-F071 Administrators Summer 5 days Added 04/09/2018
 HUM-F072 New Employee Mandatory AET – Classified Staff 05/18/2015
 HUM-F073 Change of Address Form 09/04/2013
 HUM-F074 Name Change Form 09/05/2013
 HUM-F075 Results of Physical Examination 09/12/2013
 HUM-F076 Report of Middle or High School Student-to-Student Sexual Misconduct 06/08/2016
 HUM-F077 Verification of Expunged Records 11/04/2013
 HUM-F079 Authorization for Release of Employment Records 05/09/2014
 HUM-F080 Request to View Video Surveillance Containing Educational Record 08/18/2014
 HUM-F081 FERPA Consent/Authorization For Release of Video Educational Record* 08/18/2014
 HUM-F082 Video Surveillance Release Log 09/22/2014
 HUM-F083 Contract for Relocation Incentive 08/19/2016
 HUM-F085 Certified Employee Relocation Incentive Tracking 01/19/2015
 HUM-F086 Personal Leave Request Form for Staff Development Day 05/12/2017
 HUM-F087 Administrator Interview Notes 01/05/2015
 HUM-F088 Extra-Curricular Activities Experience Verification 11/10/2017
 HUM-F088-A Recommendation for Coaching Position 03/19/2018
 HUM-F088-B Resignation of Coaching Position 03/19/2018
 HUM-F089 Noncriminal Justice Applicant 12/11/2017
 HUM-F090 Agency/Supervisor Requesting a Background Check 01/09/2017
 HUM-F091 Request for Background Check Student-Observation-Intern 08/19/2016
 HUM-F092 Request for Copy of Personal Background Check 08/19/2016
 HUM-F093 Counselors Flex Time 01/16/2017
 HUM-F094 HIPAA/ Medical Information Confidentiality Agreement 01/17/2017
 HUM-F095 Student Discrimination Complaint Form 04/25/2017
 HUM-F096 Certified Staff Suspension Form 09/26/2017
 HUM-F097 Classified Staff Suspension Form 09/26/2017
 HUM-F098 Student Intern Memo 11/10/2017
 HUM-F100 Notary Journal Sheet 02/28/2018
 HUM-F101 Background Check Binder Receipt 03/13/2018
 HUM-F102 District Wide Stipend for Late Hires Form 04/10/2018
 HUM-G001 Reporting Suspected Child Abuse Guide 01/31/2018
 HUM-G002 Training Guidelines for Recognizing Sexual Harassment 06/27/2016
 HUM-G004 Maternity Leave Guide 09/14/2017
 HUM-G006 Training Guidelines for Accommodating DCS Investigations 05/23/2017
 HUM-G007 2017-2018 Principal Guide for Annual Employee Training 07/25/2017
 HUM-G011 MUNIS Self-Service Guide 08/18/2017
 HUM-G012 Certified Certified Sick Leave Bank Guidelines, Exhibit B 01/25/2018
 HUM-G012 Classified Classified Sick Leave Bank Guidelines, Exhibit B 01/25/2018
 HUM-G013 Relocation Incentive Information 08/18/2016
 HUM-G014 Service of Process 11/10/2017
 HUM-M001 Employee Handbook 05/02/2018
 HUM-P001 Creation of Employee Record 01/09/2017
 HUM-P002 Classified Hiring 01/09/2017
 HUM-P003 New Hire In-Processing 03/10/2017
 HUM-P004 Name Change 10/30/2015
 HUM-P005 Job Vacancy Posting 11/28/2017
 HUM-P006 Leave of Absence Request 10/30/2017
 HUM-P008 Supplements 11/27/2017
 HUM-P009 Out Processing a Permanent Employee 09/18/2017
 HUM-P010 Discrimination Complaints 09/01/2017
 HUM-P013 Hiring Administrators and Supervisors 02/21/2018
 HUM-P014 Reporting Suspected Child Abuse 01/31/2018
 HUM-P015 Accommodating DCS Investigations 05/23/2017
 HUM-P016 Background Investigations 03/22/2017
 HUM-P017 Employment Verification By Mail 06/08/2016
 HUM-P018 Employment Verification By Telephone 03/26/2015
 HUM-P019 Reporting Allegations of Sexual Harassment 04/25/2017
 HUM-P021 Certified Voluntary Transfer Procedure 04/03/2018
 HUM-P022 Employee Grievance Procedure 01/30/2017
 HUM-P023 Local Evaluation Grievance of Teacher or Principal 07/24/2013
 HUM-P024 Certified Hiring 10/13/2017
 HUM-P026 Annual Employee Training Procedure for Principals 06/22/2016
 HUM-P027 Annual Employee Training Procedure for Late Hires 03/07/2016
 HUM-P028 Student to Student Sexual Misconduct Middle and High School Students 04/16/2015
 HUM-P029 Reporting Procedure for Students Subjected to Alleged Sexual Harassment 04/25/2017
 HUM-P031 Employee Perquisites 05/30/2017
 HUM-P032 Reporting Arrests 08/17/2017
 HUM-P033 Workplace Violence 01/17/2018
 HUM-P034 Teaching Assignments 10/16/2017
 HUM-P036 Salary Determination for Extra-Curricular Activities 04/18/2017
 HUM-P037 Certified Employee Relocation Incentive Procedure 08/17/2017
 HUM-P038 Student Observations/Teaching 11/16/2016
 HUM-P039 Requesting a Background Check for Specialized Groups 11/16/2016
 HUM-P040 Site-Based Employee Files 09/22/2016
 HUM-W001 Tennessee New Hire Reporting 03/28/2007
 HUM-W002 Verification of Employment 02/17/2016
 HUM-W003 Leave of Absence Work Instructions 04/18/2017
 HUM-W004 Unemployment Separation Form Work Instruction 12/08/2017
 HUM-W005 Request for Placement of a Student Teacher, Intern, or Observation Candidate Work Instruction 07/29/2013
 HUM-W006 Making an Employee ID Badge 12/01/2017
 HUM-W008 Staff Name Change 11/27/2017
 WH-380-E WH-380-E (Employee) external link  
 WH-380-F WH-380-F (Family members) external link  
 WH-384 WH-384 (Qualifying Exigency) external link  

 On the Job Injury (OJI)OJI
 OJI-A001 OJI Injury Reporting Policy 04/04/2016
 OJI-F001 Claimant Survery  
 OJI-F002 OJI Program Acknowledgement Form 10/10/2017
 OJI-F003 Employee Injury Statement 10/10/2017
 OJI-F006 OJI Claim Data (OJI Office Use Only) 01/15/2015
 OJI-F007 Safety and Health Department Claim Notes 01/17/2017
 OJI-F008 On the Job Injury - Information for Injured Employees 10/12/2017
 OJI-F009 Injury Prevention Training 05/08/2017
 OJI-F010 Authorization to Treat 09/25/2017
 OJI-G001 Custodial Light Duty Assignments 01/17/2017
 OJI-G002 Food Service Light Duty Assignments 11/02/2016
 OJI-G003 Teacher Light Duty Assignments 01/17/2017
 OJI-P001 On The Job Injury 02/21/2017
 OJI-PRO1 OJI Program 10/10/2017

 OnSite Medical (OSM)OSM
 external link Preparticipation Medical Evaluation Form & Emergency Treatment/Parents Consent Form 07/01/2010
 HUM - NUR EXTERNAL Human Resources - Nursing - External Documents List 03/16/2015
 OSM-A001 Provider/Patient Communication 01/08/2014
 OSM-A002 PHI-HIPAA Policy 02/01/2018
 OSM-F001 Patient Refusal for Medical Care 03/25/2015
 OSM-F002 Employee Work Status Form 10/04/2013
 OSM-F004 Employee Counseling 08/01/2013
 OSM-F005 Unable to Reach Patient with Test Results Letter 04/20/2015
 OSM-F006 Test Results 03/06/2014
 OSM-F007 In-House Lab Results 08/15/2017
 OSM-F008 PRN Employment Letter 01/02/2018
 OSM-F009 Medical Records Release 03/10/2015
 OSM-F010 Tuberculosis Screening 08/01/2013
 OSM-F011 Gossip, Morale, and Destructive Behavior Employee Acknowledgement 08/01/2013
 OSM-F012 Consent for Treatment of Minor Authorization 08/17/2015
 OSM-F015 Onsite Fax Cover Sheet 01/22/2018
 OSM-F016 Employee Orientation Competency Checklist 12/08/2016
 OSM-F017 Call Back Log 01/13/2015
 OSM-F019 Blood Pressure Log 03/25/2015
 OSM-F020 Patient Referral Form 01/26/2018
 OSM-F021 Patient Registration 01/22/2018
 OSM-F022 School Work Excuse 05/21/2015
 OSM-F024 Sign In Process Labels 05/13/2015
 OSM-F025 Well Woman Questionnaire 03/10/2015
 OSM-F027 Blood Sugar Log 04/17/2015
 OSM-F028 DOT Medication Questionnaire 08/28/2014
 OSM-F029 Onsite Employee Evaluation 08/06/2013
 OSM-F030 Onsite Food Diary 08/08/2013
 OSM-F031 Referral Appointment Letter 01/13/2015
 OSM-F035 Procedure Consent Form 10/17/2017
 OSM-F037 Weight Management Program Patient Contract 03/06/2014
 OSM-F038 Consent and Release for Biometric Screening 04/17/2015
 OSM-F039 Biometric Screening Results Letter 04/17/2015
 OSM-F041 Employee Wellness Representative Stipend Timesheet 08/21/2014
 OSM-F042 DOT Packet Coversheet 07/26/2017
 OSM-F043 Mini Health Assessment 09/04/2014
 OSM-F044 Supplement to Exam Form – Physical Condition of Drivers 09/19/2014
 OSM-F046 Patient Information Update 09/19/2014
 OSM-F047 Advance Care Plan 10/08/2014
 OSM-F048 DOT - Diabetes Regulation Request for Additional Documentation 11/14/2014
 OSM-F049 Job Specific Employee Orientation Competency Checklist 10/30/2014
 OSM-F051 Fit & Trim Program Medical Clearance 11/14/2014
 OSM-F053 DOT Authorization Slip 02/11/2015
 OSM-F054 Onsite Release Form (Interview) 02/11/2015
 OSM-F055 Wellness Champion Questionnaire 02/11/2015
 OSM-F056 Follow-Up Appointment and Lab Sheets 05/13/2015
 OSM-F059 HIPAA Business Associate Agreement 07/20/2015
 OSM-F060 HIPAA/ Medical Information Confidentiality Agreement 07/20/2015
 OSM-F062 Medical Equipment Loan Agreement 07/28/2015
 OSM-F063 Monthly AED and Oxygen Inspection 12/20/2016
 OSM-F064 Key Control Form (Onsite Clinic) 07/26/2017
 OSM-F065 Allergy Medication Release Form 08/08/2016
 OSM-F066 Medication Incident Form 07/26/2017
 OSM-F067 Allergy Injections Agreement 09/22/2016
 OSM-F069 Onsite Back Lab Duties 07/26/2017
 OSM-F071 Onsite Front Lab Duties 11/02/2016
 OSM-F074 Onsite Satellite Clinic Daily Duties 11/02/2016
 OSM-F075 Onsite Vaccine Fridge Temperature Log 11/02/2016
 OSM-F077 Onsite Glucometer Control Log 11/02/2016
 OSM-F078 OJI Employee Work Status Form 02/08/2017
 OSM-F079 Nutrition/Dietitian Referral Form 06/07/2017
 OSM-F080 Onsite Injections Agreement 04/19/2018
 OSM-F081 Onsite Referral Checklist 07/12/2017
 OSM-F082 Biometric Screening Supply List 07/26/2017
 OSM-F083 Biometric Screening Sign Up Sheet 07/26/2017
 OSM-F084 Resignation Agreement 07/27/2017
 OSM-F085 Medical Receptionist Staff Induction Program 08/15/2017
 OSM-F086 Medical Receptionist Quiz 09/19/2017
 OSM-F087 Medical Receptionist Training 08/15/2017
 OSM-F088 Combination Lock Box Agreement 09/19/2017
 OSM-F089 Declination Statement for the Flu Vaccine 17-18 09/19/2017
 OSM-F090 Expired Medication/Supplies 11/02/2017
 OSM-F091 Narcotics Count Sheet 01/22/2018
 OSM-F092 Allergen Immunotherapy Administration Form 01/24/2018
 OSM-F093 Onsite Employee Health and Wellness Provider Evaluation Form 01/24/2018
 OSM-F094 Medical Receptionist Statement of Affirmation 02/12/2018
 OSM-F095 Medication Drop-Off Patient Form 03/16/2018
 OSM-F096 TB Authorization Form 02/22/2018
 OSM-F097 Main Clinic Nursing Checklist 03/29/2018
 OSM-F098 Onsite Daily Snap Shot Sheet 04/10/2018
 OSM-G001 Managing Patient Wait Times 10/17/2017
 OSM-G002 Cleaning and Stocking Exam Rooms 03/25/2015
 OSM-G004 Medication Administration of the Pediatric Patient 08/01/2013
 OSM-G005 Medication Storage 08/01/2013
 OSM-G006 Age Specific Phlebotomy Criteria 04/17/2015
 OSM-G007 Proper Communication and Patient Interaction 04/17/2015
 OSM-G009 Guidelines for Patient Calls and Messages 10/08/2015
 OSM-G010 Standard Precautions Guidelines 05/27/2014
 OSM-G011 Biometric Screening Guidelines 11/20/2014
 OSM-G013 Oxygen Administration and Operating Safety Instructions 02/08/2016
 OSM-G014 Personal Health Information Access Guide 07/27/2017
 OSM-M001 Onsite Services and Records Manual 11/06/2017
 OSM-NOPP Notice of Privacy Practices 08/01/2013
 OSM-P001 Onsite Scanning Procedures 10/17/2017
 OSM-P002 Procedural Guidelines for PHI Access 12/04/2018
 OSM-P003 Procedural Guidelines for Maintenance, Use, or Transferring/Transmitting of PHI 12/04/2017
 OSM-W001 Injection Work Instructions 07/01/2015
 OSM-W005 Medical Receptionist Training Guide 02/08/2018
 OSM-W006 Allergy Injection Protocol 06/01/2015
 OSM-W007 Proper Blood Collection 02/17/2014
 OSM-W008 Ceftriaxone Injection Administration 07/02/2015
 OSM-W009 Onsite Protocols 11/06/2017
 OSM-W010 Onsite Appointment Call Back List 08/15/2017
 OSM-W011 Onsite Cancellations and Late Protocol 08/15/2017
 OSM-W012 Conditions Seen at Onsite 09/19/2017
 OSM-W013 Onsite Dress Code and Personal Appearance 02/09/2018
 OSM-W014 Medical Records Processing Protocol 02/09/2018
 OSM-W015 Onsite Telephone Advice Guidelines 02/12/2018

 Risk Management (RSK)RSK
 RSK-A001 Employee Safety Policy 02/21/2011
 RSK-A002 Employee Safety Training 04/09/2015
 RSK-A003 Personal Protective Equipment Policy 05/14/2012
 RSK-A005 Accident Investigation Policy 05/14/2012
 RSK-A006 Modified Duty 04/13/2015
 RSK-A007 Medical Payments Policy 05/14/2012
 RSK-F003 Confined Space Entry Permit 04/15/2011
 RSK-F004 Electrical Inspection Checklist 04/15/2011
 RSK-F006 Excavation Checklist 04/15/2011
 RSK-F007 Recommended Roof Work Safety Checklist 04/15/2011
 RSK-F008 Hot Work Permit 12/06/2010
 RSK-F011 Mandatory New Employee Safety Training 01/22/2014
 RSK-F012 Follow-Up to Safety Assessment 10/27/2017
 RSK-F013 Wellness Program Participation Release of Liability 08/08/2016
 RSK-F014 After Hours Security Sign In/Out Log 09/29/2015
 RSK-F015 Safety Assessment Checklist 10/27/2017
 RSK-M004 Coaches Handbook 07/23/2015
 RSK-P001 Property Loss Claim 01/26/2017
 RSK-PRO3 Electrical Safety and Related Work Practices 07/28/2010
 RSK-PRO4 Ladder Safety 04/15/2011
 RSK-PRO5 Trenching and Excavation 07/28/2010
 RSK-PRO1 Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control 07/28/2010
 RSK-PRO10 Hearing Conservation 05/12/2011
 RSK-PRO11 Machine Guarding 07/28/2010
 RSK-PRO12 Compressed Gas Safety 07/28/2010
 RSK-PRO13 Fall Prevention/Fall Protection 07/28/2010
 RSK-PRO14 Lockout/Tagout/Verification 07/28/2010
 RSK-PRO15 Fire Prevention 07/28/2010
 RSK-PRO16 Heat Stress Protection 07/28/2010
 RSK-PRO17 Employee Rights and Responsibilities 07/28/2010
 RSK-PRO18 Supervisor Responsibilities 07/28/2010
 RSK-PRO19 Health and Safety Complaint 07/28/2010
 RSK-PRO2 Confined Space 01/31/2017
 RSK-PRO20 Departmental Safety 07/28/2010
 RSK-PRO21 Hot Work Safety 12/06/2010
 RSK-PRO6 Personal Protective Equipment 07/28/2010
 RSK-PRO7 Contractor Safety 01/31/2017
 RSK-PRO8 Hand Safety Tools 07/28/2010
 RSK-PRO9 Hazard Communication 01/31/2017

 Safety (SAF)SAF
 SAF-A001 Drug and Alcohol Testing 01/23/2017
 SAF-A002 Safe School Choice 04/20/2015
 SAF-A003 Weapon Free Schools 03/30/2015
 SAF-A004 Drug and Alcohol Use by CMCSS Employees 01/23/2017
 SAF-A005 CMCSS Volunteer Policy 02/02/2015
 SAF-A006 School Lunchroom Visitation 08/18/2014
 SAF-A007 Asbestos Management 10/21/2013
 SAF-A008 School Emergency/Crisis After Action Report 10/21/2013
 SAF-A009 School Searches of Student Cell Phones and/or Electronic Devices 05/04/2015
 SAF-A010 Signing In and Out of CMCSS School Buildings 04/18/2016
 SAF-A011 Radon Monitoring 09/05/2017
 SAF-A012 CPR Policy 04/02/2018
 SAF-F001 Student Accident Report Form 08/04/2017
 SAF-F004 Hepatitis B Vaccine Declination Form 07/25/2012
 SAF-F005 Bomb Threat Checklist 01/18/2016
 SAF-F006 Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure 04/06/2011
 SAF-F007 Emergency Areas 05/12/2011
 SAF-F008 Emergency Shut-Off Locations for Utilities/HVAC 06/06/2012
 SAF-F009 Field Trip Emergency Management Procedures Checklist 06/16/2009
 SAF-F010 Field Trip Emergency Numbers 05/12/2011
 SAF-F011 (fillable) First Aid/CPR/AED Trained Personnel 05/12/2011
 SAF-F012 Hazardous Chemical Storage Locations 12/11/2014
 SAF-F014 Memorandum of Understanding 05/12/2011
 SAF-F015 Post-Incident Critique 05/12/2011
 SAF-F016 Reunification Release Form 05/12/2011
 SAF-F017 School After Hours Contact Information 05/12/2011
 SAF-F018 School Demographics 05/12/2011
 SAF-F019 School Emergency Management Team Contact Information 07/10/2014
 SAF-F020 Special Needs Procedures Summary Sheet 05/12/2011
 SAF-F021 Hepatitis B Vaccine Consent 05/22/2012
 SAF-F022 Law Enforcement Security Timesheet 02/19/2013
 SAF-F023 CMCSS Volunteer Agreement 08/09/2017
 SAF-F024 Lead Custodian Inspection Questionnaire 01/06/2017
 SAF-F025 School Security Audit Form 10/17/2016
 SAF-F026 School Safety Committee & Tabletop Session Scoring System 08/09/2017
 SAF-F027 School Safety Rating Certificate 08/18/2014
 SAF-F028 CMCSS Volunteer Code of Ethics 02/02/2015
 SAF-F029 CMCSS Volunteer Agreement 11/01/2017
 SAF-F030 Wet Floor Acknowledgement Form 04/27/2018
 SAF-G001 School Emergency Management Team Information 09/22/2017
 SAF-G002 District Emergency Management Information Card 09/11/2014
 SAF-G003 Elementary School Law Enforcement Daily Guide 08/15/2013
 SAF-G004 CMCSS Student Safety Guide 2016 09/08/2015
 SAF-G006 Safety Drill and Inspection Guide 03/21/2017
 SAF-P001 Student Accident Reporting 12/13/2016
 SAF-P003 Environmental & Health Complaints 04/06/2011
 SAF-P004 Blood Borne Pathogens 04/06/2011
 SAF-P005 Hepatitis B Administration Procedure 05/23/2012
 SAF-P006 District Emergency Communications Procedure 02/12/2016
 SAF-P007 Standard Operating Procedures for Safety Measures 05/05/2016
 SAF-P008 School Emergency Communication 04/22/2013
 SAF-P009 Use of School or District Volunteers 02/02/2015
 SAF-P010 Radon Testing Procedure 08/22/2017
 SAF-P011 District Visitor Management System Procedure 09/13/2017

 Substitutes (SUB)SUB