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Master Document List

Operations Department

 Facilities (FAC)FAC
 FAC-A001 Architect Fee Schedule 04/13/2015
 FAC-A002 Architect Payment Schedule 03/12/2004
 FAC-A003 Construction Project Insurance Program 04/13/2015
 FAC-A004 Facilities Planning 04/13/2015
 FAC-A005 Building Plaques 05/19/2009
 FAC-A006 Naming of Facilities 03/02/2015
 FAC-F002 Third Party Facility Contruction/Alteration Agreement 01/21/2013
 FAC-F003 Waiver, Release, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnification 01/21/2013
 FAC-P001 Capital Projects Budget 09/03/2003
 FAC-P002 Third Party Construction Pay Request 03/12/2013
 FAC-P003 Selection of Architect 03/02/2015
 FAC-P004 Third Party Facility Construction/Alteration 01/21/2013

 Maintenance (MNT)MNT
 MNT-A001 Testing of Fire Alarm Systems 03/25/2013
 MNT-A002 Control of District Master Keys 09/19/2016
 MNT-F004 CMCSS Furniture Request 12/08/2009
 MNT-F007 Service Order Form 05/07/2015
 MNT-F008 Refrigerant Issue Form 05/07/2015
 MNT-P001 Work Order 02/23/2015
 MNT-P002 Furniture Construction 02/23/2015
 MNT-P004 Parts/Equipment Issue Procedure 02/23/2015
 MNT-P005 Equipment Issued to Schools 02/23/2015
 MNT-W001 HVAC Electric Air to Air Package Heat Pump Work Instructions 02/23/2015
 MNT-W002 Service to HVAC Gas Package Systems Work Instructions 02/23/2015

 Operations (OPS)OPS
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 OPS-A001 Hiring and Maintaining of Commercial Drivers 09/19/2016
 OPS-A003 Temperature Set-Point 04/04/2016
 OPS-A004 Weather Related School Activities 03/28/2011
 OPS-A006 Use of Portable Digital/Electronic Devices While Operating CMCSS Vehicles 11/27/2017
 OPS-A008 Key Control 08/29/2016
 OPS-A009 Memorials on CMCSS Property 05/07/2018
 OPS-A010 Herbicides Policy 11/09/2015
 OPS-A011 12-15 Passenger Vans 04/25/2016
 OPS-A012 Uniform Policy 06/13/2016
 OPS-A013 Public Access to Playgrounds, Athletic Fields, Practice Fields, and Other Green Spaces 07/18/2016
 OPS-A014 Energy Management 11/14/2016
 OPS-A015 School Emergency Radio Use Policy 12/05/2016
 OPS-A016 Storage of Commercial Drivers Safety Sensitive Files 05/30/2017
 OPS-A017 Stormwater Management 02/19/2018
 OPS-F001 Preventability Review Cover Sheet  
 OPS-F002 Accident Register 03/23/2005
 OPS-F003 Accident Review Summary  
 OPS-F004 Building/Custodial Inspection Report 09/14/2012
 OPS-F008 DOT Authorization 10/30/2014
 OPS-F009 Record of Conversation 02/17/2016
 OPS-F010 Non-DOT Annual Certificate of Violations/Driving Record 03/09/2016
 OPS-F014 Safety Performance History Records Request 03/12/2018
 OPS-F015 Weekly Mold Checklist (fillable) 01/09/2017
 OPS-F016 Vehicle Daily Inspection Checklist 04/27/2018
 OPS-G001 Custodial Training Safety Requirements 09/07/2012
 OPS-M001 Custodial Training Manual 09/14/2012
 OPS-P001 On/Off Road Vehicle/Equipment Replacement and New Vehicle/Equipment Purchase 04/07/2015
 OPS-P002 School Delaying/Closing Procedure Rev. V 11/30/2017
 OPS-P003 In Session School Closing 04/06/2015
 OPS-P004 Determining Preventability of School System Commercial Vehicle Accidents 02/10/2016
 OPS-P006 Custodial Fire & Safety Building Checks 04/29/2015
 OPS-P007 Weather Related School Activities 01/12/2015
 OPS-P010 Custodial Training Procedure 06/02/2016
 OPS-P011 Custodial Support Pool 09/14/2012
 OPS-P012 Custodial Staffing 11/17/2014
 OPS-P014 School Building Key Control 10/20/2017
 OPS-P015 Administrative Building Key Control 10/20/2017
 OPS-P016 Two-step Cleaning and Disinfecting During Heightened Risk for Infection 03/03/2014
 OPS-P017 Zoning Procedure 01/29/2015
 OPS-P018 Herbicide Procedure 11/09/2015
 OPS-P019 Fleet Vehicle and Equipment Fueling Procedure 02/07/2018
 OPS-P020 Equipment Washing Procedure 02/07/2018
 OPS-P021 Waste Handling and Disposal Procedure 02/07/2018
 OPS-P022 Spill Prevention, Control, and Cleanup Procedure 02/07/2018
 OPS-W001 School Custodians Opening/Closing Work Instruction 07/27/2009
 OPS-W002 Stripping & Re-Sealing Floors 09/14/2012
 OPS-W003 Light Level Verification Work Instructions 11/12/2016

 Transportation (TRN)TRN
 TRN-A001 Student Transportation Safety 11/27/2017
 TRN-A002 Use of School System Owned Vehicles other than School Buses 03/30/2015
 TRN-A003 Student Transportation Policy 05/07/2018
 TRN-A004 School Bus Driver, Bus Aide, and Bus Monitor Compensation 03/30/2015
 TRN-A005 Bus Driver and Aide Comp for Extra-Curricular Transportation 03/18/2015
 TRN-A006 Substitute School Bus Driver Pay 03/30/2015
 TRN-A007 Video Surveillance on School Buses 03/30/2015
 TRN-A008 Student Vandalism of School Buses 03/30/2015
 TRN-A009 School System Owned Vehicles 09/19/2007
 TRN-A010 School Bus Maintenance 03/30/2015
 TRN-A011 School Bus Inspection 09/19/2007
 TRN-A012 Radio Guidelines 03/23/2009
 TRN-A013 Transportation Services Billing Rates 10/06/2017
 TRN-A014 Use of School System Owned Vehicles Other Than School Buses by Authorized Non-CMCSS Employee-(Non-Employee) 05/18/2015
 TRN-A016 Extra Curricular Activities Transportation 08/10/2009
 TRN-A017 CMCSS DOT Requirements for Commercial Drivers Policy 04/18/2016
 TRN-A018 Securing Carry On Items On School Buses 02/05/2016
 TRN-A019 Hardship and Tuition Paying Student Transportation Policy 11/09/2015
 TRN-A021 Student Management Support on CMCSS School Buses 10/30/2017
 TRN-A022 School Bus and Driver Records Collection and Maintenance 01/02/2018
 TRN-A023 Student Bus Conduct Policy 04/02/2018
 TRN-F001 Special Transportation Request Form 03/25/2015
 TRN-F003 Drivers Report 11/25/2014
 TRN-F004 CMCSS Bus Conduct Report 01/25/2018
 TRN-F005 Request For Use of School Vehicle Other Than A School Bus/Use of POV to Haul/Tow CMCSS Owned Equipment 03/12/2014
 TRN-F007 Daily Bus Inspection 05/10/2018
 TRN-F008 Field Trip Verification Form 09/11/2017
 TRN-F010 School Bus End Of Year - Final Inspection 01/11/2011
 TRN-F011A Regular Ed Bus Assignment 01/16/2012
 TRN-F011B Special Needs Bus Assignment 01/16/2012
 TRN-F013 Transportation Personnel Conduct Form 04/27/2009
 TRN-F014 Bus Parking at Home Request Form 03/03/2015
 TRN-F015 Operations Department Feedback (electronic submission) 12/11/2017
 TRN-F015 Operations department Feedback (printable form) 12/11/2017
 TRN-F017 Transportation Complaint File Review  
 TRN-F019 Drivers Evaluation of Field Trip or Athletic Trip 01/11/2011
 TRN-F020 Student Misconduct Accountability Form 04/17/2006
 TRN-F023 Tree Trimming Request 04/17/2006
 TRN-F024 Bus Seating Chart 08/19/2011
 TRN-F025 Day Care Roster  
 TRN-F025A Drivers Day Care Roster 06/14/2011
 TRN-F025B Daycare Roster 06/14/2011
 TRN-F027 Rules and Regulations for Special Transportation 06/15/2015
 TRN-F028 Verification of Training Employee 05/17/2011
 TRN-F029 New Driver Training Completion 06/05/2017
 TRN-F029a New Bus Monitor/Aide Training Completion 03/21/2016
 TRN-F032 Stop Sheet 07/22/2010
 TRN-F034 Request for Bus Service 06/21/2004
 TRN-F035 Route Change Request Form 06/21/2004
 TRN-F036 Special Needs Stop Sheet 06/10/2011
 TRN-F037 Student Emergency Information 06/21/2004
 TRN-F040 CMCSS Accident and Incident Report 01/09/2017
 TRN-F042 Exceptions to Policy 10/26/2015
 TRN-F043 Training Manual Receipt and Acknowledgment 02/08/2017
 TRN-F044 Training Document Check Off 02/15/2008
 TRN-F045 Bus Driver Training Requirements (Understanding) 02/08/2017
 TRN-F046 Transition from Reg. Ed. Driver to Special Need Driver 02/26/2009
 TRN-F047 Verification of Employee Training for Student Accountability 03/11/2010
 TRN-F048 Sponsors Evaluation of Field Trip or Athletic Trip 06/02/2011
 TRN-F049 School Bus Emergency Evacuation Evaluation 06/21/2011
 TRN-F050 Accident Check List 03/04/2016
 TRN-F052 Special Needs Emergency Evacuation 08/16/2012
 TRN-F053 Birthday Checklist (Drivers) 02/12/2016
 TRN-F053a Birthday Checklist (Monitors/Aides) 02/12/2016
 TRN-F054 CMCSS Bus Conduct Report - Required Suspension Offenses 01/25/2018
 TRN-F059 Acknowledgement Of Digital-Electronic Device Training 11/10/2017
 TRN-M001 Bus Aide Training Manual 05/05/2015
 TRN-P001 Student Transportation 03/27/2015
 TRN-P002 Special Needs Student Transportation 03/25/2015
 TRN-P003 ICON Safety 03/29/2011
 TRN-P004 Bus Route Student Accountability 11/13/2006
 TRN-P006 Tracking Fuel Usage 05/11/2015
 TRN-P007 Bus Accident/Disaster With Student Passengers 02/19/2016
 TRN-P008 Requesting, Obtaining, and Processing Bus Transportation for Routine Field Trips 05/31/2018
 TRN-P012 Inclement Weather Routing 03/31/2015
 TRN-P013 Student Bus Conduct Discipline Procedure 03/27/2015
 TRN-P014 New Bus Assignment 03/25/2015
 TRN-P015 Home/Complex Parking 03/25/2015
 TRN-P016 Transportation Complaint 04/16/2018
 TRN-P017 Surplus Vehicles Issued to High Schools 06/30/2009
 TRN-P018 Video Surveillance Camera Placement and Maintenance (buses) 04/18/2013
 TRN-P019 Radio Use 11/13/2015
 TRN-P020 Safe Transportation of Pre-School Aged Children 11/13/2015
 TRN-P022 Student Seating Assignment 11/13/2015
 TRN-P023 Emergency Evacuation of a School Bus 10/06/2016
 TRN-P024 School Bus Driver Training Procedure 10/19/2017
 TRN-P028 Serious Safety Violation Complaints 04/16/2018
 TRN-T001 New Trainee Training Book  
 TRN-W002 Radio Usage 11/13/2015
 TRN-W003 Daily Bus Inspection 06/14/2016
 TRN-W005 Student Medical Emergency While on School Bus 08/14/2013
 TRN-W006 Transportation Department Message Protocol 11/01/2013
 TRN-W009 Guns in Parks Work Instructions 01/05/2016

 Vehicle Maintenance (VHM)VHM
 VHM-A001 Allowable Maximum Speed 10/18/2011
 VHM-A002 Vehicle Idle Times 10/12/2008
 VHM-F002 School Bus Service and Inspection 30,000 03/26/2018
 VHM-F004 Vehicle Inspection 4,000 miles 03/24/2014
 VHM-P001 Vehicle Maintenance 03/26/2018
 VHM-P002 School Bus Service and Inspections 03/26/2018
 VHM-P004 Cold Weather Bus Start Up 03/25/2015
 VHM-W001 Vehicle Safety Rules Work Instruction 03/25/2015

 Zoning (ZON)ZON